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It can be hard to get to grips and stay on top of construction health and safety, right? But let JHS Health and Safety Consultants to help you get started, or to develop, and take away some of the strain. At £400 a year you will get access to all the advice, tools and admin support that you will need. Or maybe your wish is for a health and safety consultancy to do some ad-hoc work for you? Or, perhaps you might like to enrol on our high-quality, construction e-learning courses.

Attention Scaffolding and Building Contractors

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What Our Clients Think
What Our Clients Think

Construction E-Learning:

We have over fifty e-learning courses to choose from. There is a wide range of topics. For example, fire, work at height, or stress at work. Anyone may order course credits; and what’s more, they can use these against any courses of their choice. A course session starts from £25.00. The price will get much lower when you order more credits.

Find Out More About Our Construction E-Learning
Find Out More About Our Construction E-Learning

Competent Local Health and Safety Consultants and CDM Advice Services:

JHS Health and Safety Consultants offer hourly rate health and safety advice to those who need it. This can include CDM advice to duty holders under the 2015 Regulations. And for our consultancy work, we ask for just £25.00 an hour plus VAT. In addition, there is a health and safety expert for you with first hand construction industry experience.

Find Out More About Our Health and Safety Consultancy Services
Find Out More About Our Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Construction Health and Safety

Please learn more at our information web pages. We hope you can find points of value or interest to you. If you think we may provide what you need, then please give us a call, or email us. Contact us too if you wish to tell us about yourselves, or about what you would like from us.

Scaffolding Health and Safety, Building & Construction Health and Safety at Work.

Scaffolding and Health and Safety Consultants
Scaffolding Health and Safety Consultants

A contractor’s health and safety duties on a job more often than not will start nice and early. They may need help from health and safety consultants. Because they need to plan for safe work in their building or scaffolding health and safety. In fact straight away when the client appoints them. As a result, they will need to have good work policies. And, in addition they will have to carry out risk assessments for the work. Plus task method statements for the work, since the law requires these as well. And they may need to keep a record of these too. And also, they may have to write a construction-phase plan for the work. Then a firm needs to make sure that its work plan is a success; it will want to review its plans in the right way too.

How well Do You Manage Your Health and Safety at Work?

There are reasons why some employers do not manage building or scaffolding health and safety so well. This can be, because they think it will cost too much; they don’t want to pay for health and safety consultants; they think it will be hard to manage, or they are unsure of their duties; and perhaps they think it takes up too much time; or maybe it is because they fear the unknown; i.e. they think they will open a can of worms that they cannot control; or maybe they just do not see how the firm as a whole is likely to benefit.

But these maybe unwise thoughts. As there are economic, moral and legal points to consider too. And health and safety at work does not need to be too hard to manage either. We, at JHS Health and Safety Consultants, can help too should you choose to retain our health and safety service. If you wish, you can read more on the likely benefits of good health and safety practice. And it really can benefit too. If this is the case, then please go to our web page called, ‘Health and Safety at Work’. You can find this page in the drop down menu, under ‘Information’. We hope you find it of interest, or at least a good source of information for you.

We are ‘Fair’, Health and Safety Consultants.

JHS Health and Safety Consultants will always keep the needs of your business in mind. But, we will always be honest, fair and reasonable with you; we will not allow a conflict of interest to occur. And we will remain impartial; we will never be bias; A ‘fair’ and ‘just’ outcome is always our goal. And, what’s more, we act upon facts and things as they are. That way we can give the right advice to help you. And, as ‘fair’ health and safety experts, there is yet more that we aim for. So, we think that it has to be right to offer our services at a good price too. Therefore, you will get a fair deal with us. And, it is important to us that you will get clear information on what you pay for.

Of course, your privacy is a serious issue too; Which is why we keep a close eye on the data we store about you, and use. As good health and safety consultants we will make sure we keep our practice up to date; e.g. now and again, we will look at our terms and alter them if there is a need. Now there is the GDPRs too. So, we will keep in line with our legal duty to comply with GDPR. We will handle your data in a safe way. As such, we have an update to our privacy policy. And as with all our policies and prices, it is fair and reasonable. If you wish, please feel free to ask us to clarify any points in which you may be unsure about. We want to be clear about our client terms, so we will be glad to help you.

So, Why Else Choose Us for Your Scaffolding Health and Safety, or Building Health and Safety at Work.

JHS Health and Safety Consultants can act as your competent person. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to do so. And what’s more, we like to help people. People who plan and manage their building or scaffolding health and safety work. Because then we know that you can have some piece of mind. As it is more likely you will keep people safe, and healthy at work. In fact, our annual services have the tools to help firms to plan to avoid or reduce risks. And, to all ends we think that it is vital to set sensible risk controls on a site. So please contact us if you do think to join us, or you ask us to work for you. We’ll gladly answer any query. Please note that your costs will be low, so we can help your bottom line too.

We know that it can be hard to manage health and safety when doing a lot of other work too. So we have made our clients a time saving service. A service to help them to manage their building or scaffolding health and safety work. To help clients more, it allows them to keep most of their health and safety work in just one place. We see this as a great way for them to store and access their documents. We would love you to join JHS Health and Safety Consultants. As we are sure that the features in our service are those you are likely to need and, use too; thus, you can avoid paying for service features you will never use.

We Have a Risk Assessment Tool to Help You With Scaffolding Health and Safety, or Building Health and Safety Work.

Our builders or scaffolding health and safety services has an online risk assessment tool. And it has lots of preset risk assessments for you to choose too; but you can also alter these to use in a way to suit your work’s needs. We think that once you master it you will find this a great time-saving tool. It will help you to comply with the law too; because you can create and keep suitable and sufficient risk assessments. Should you wish, JHS Health and Safety Consultants can add a risk assessment of your choice.

Our Client Care Plan.

JHS Health and Safety Consultants from time to time will contact our clients to see if we can help them. Since we try to help our clients to keep their building or scaffolding health and safety work up to date. And legal too. We also welcome any feedback that you may have for us. What’s more, we hope to answer your phone calls straight away. But if an adviser cannot talk to you there and then, please leave a message for them; they will get back to you as soon as they can. You may prefer to send us an email with your message.

How ever you choose to contact JHS Health and Safety Consultants, we will deal with your matter in timely way. Of course some issues can take a bit longer to sort out; but we will let you know if we think the issue will take extra time, so please be patient. And, what’s more, we will do the utmost to always make sure we handle your data in a secure way. We have professional indemnity insurance for our construction and building or scaffolding health and safety services too.

Thank You for Your Visit to Our Website.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about JHS Health and Safety Consultants services. We hope looking at our website has been enjoyable? Did you have a look at our information pages? And what about our subscribe options? What’s more, please contact us if you think you need health and safety support. Or when, perhaps, you may not wish to renew a contract with your current service provider. You can join us at any time; and you can make savings without a compromise on standards on your retained health and safety service. We hope we can satisfy your firm’s needs; whether they are for building or for scaffolding health and safety work. Finally, we welcome you to please like and share our page; and also to sign-up to get our news and offers.

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