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Ant Middleton with Joe - Health and Safety Consultant

JHS are affordable health and safety advisors in the UK. We help take you to the next level. Health & safety for building, construction, scaffolding and more industries. Do you need to qualify for work under Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) or for other construction work? Please click on the links below or read on to find out how JHS can help you.

1. Retained health and safety subscriptions;
2. Health and safety consultancy work for £25 per hour, or;
3. Health and safety consultancy one-off projects from £1,000;
4. Site inspections plus written formal reports from £300;
5. Half-day risk assessment training from £250;
6. Construction e-learning courses, and; e-learning taster clips.

The photo above is of me Joe Endacott (DipNEBOSH) the founder of JHS Health and Safety with Ant Middleton. I have learned a lot from him regarding positive mental health and coping with stress.

* New Offers For 2022*

  1. E-learning construction health and safety titles at a 50% discount: 5 to 50 courses now each only £12.50 + VAT, 51 to 500 courses now each only £10.00 + VAT and over 500 courses now each only £8.00 + VAT.


Health and Safety Services UK

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Coronavirus Update: See the latest site operating procedures (Version 7. 7th January 2021), or The Scaffolding Association advice, or The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation advice.  The Government has published the following guidelines: Working safely during COVID-19 in construction and other outdoor work. Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed

Please note, JHS Health and Safety Consultants has a new preset risk assessment for Coronavirus Covid-19.

Health & Safety Advisors for the scaffolding industry.

Expert Health and Safety Services:

It can be hard work to get a business to run smoothly, and there is usually some kind of health, safety, environmental, quality, personnel or financial challenge. Imagine how much better this could be with your own health and safety advisors, let alone the rest. We provide cost-effective health and safety consultants in the UK. Improve your professional edge and let the quality of your health and safety stand out from your competitors. Together we can show your potential clients how you commit to health and safety at work; If you gain their respect, confidence and trust you are more likely to win the larger projects.

Retained Health and Safety Services:

Choose from one of three ‘retained’ health and safety service options:

1. ‘Professional Subscription’ – Normally for £20.00 per month (including VAT). You will get twelve-months unlimited access to use the online risk assessment tool and the method/construction phase plan tool or the scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plan tool. Find out more here.

2. ‘Premium Subscription’ – for businesses with 0 to 9 workers. (Workers include employees, labour only subcontractors (self-employed individuals and/or agency staff).
Normally £50.00 per month (including VAT). As the Professional Subscription, plus clients get access to a variety of other health and safety services. Find out more here.

3. ‘Ultimate Subscription’ – for businesses with 10 to 249 workers. (Workers include employees, labour only subcontractors (self-employed individuals and/or agency staff).
Normally for £150.00 per month (including VAT). As the Professional and Premium Subscriptions, plus you will get access to ten construction e-learning sessions. Find out more here.

Specialist H&S Services

Details of the ‘Professional Subscription’

Risk Assessment:

The risk assessment web tool comes with detail on preset hazards and risk controls. Create and save as many risk assessments as you like. The tool has preset generic risk assessments; there is one each for construction and scaffolding work. You can edit all details to make your risk assessments site specific to best suit the law on assessing risk. However, instead you may wish to use the blank risk assessment template. JHS Health and Safety can add any topic of your choice, so please call to discuss. Each risk assessment has a unique identity number, but they are easy to clone and save as new. Once the risk assessment is complete you can save it as a PDF file to email or print.

I think that once you master the risk assessment software it will become a great time-saver for you. It will help you to comply with the law because you can save suitable and sufficient assessments.

Construction health and safety plans with method schedule, or Scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plans:

Your project planning web tools have many preset options already checked, but they are still easy for you to edit. You can add information to suit your job and to make the data site specific.

Register For The Professional Subscription Here.

Details of the ‘Premium Subscription’

In addition to the services in the ‘Professional Subscription’, you will get:

A health and safety policy:

A consultant will talk to you about your business and will then attune a health and safety policy to suit. A PDF of the policy will be sent for you to approve before delivery of the final bound version. Policy updates will be sent out after an annual review and they will reflect any changes to your business, or the law. This, of course, is for as long as you renew your subscription. You are welcome to buy duplicate copies of your health and safety policy for just £35.00 plus VAT. Additional update pages will cost just £15.00 plus VAT, for each set. However, this cost will be £125.00 plus VAT, if there is any need to make it suit other business aspects. All prices will include the cost of postage and packaging.

Unlimited health and safety advice from a competent person:

The best bit is that you will get unlimited health and safety advice. However, there might be a charge for traveling time and or accommodation should you call us to site. There may also be a charge if you ask us to prepare a report or complete a form, etc.

Health and safety guidance:

You will have online access to a large quantity of health and safety guidance pages.

A web tool for you to carry out health and safety reviews:

Occasionally, it is wise to review how you manage your health and safety at work.

Site rules:

Have a look through the wide range of site rules to see which you can use or adapt to your site.

Form Templates:

There are many form templates in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats for you to make use of.

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Details of the ‘Ultimate Subscription’

In addition to the services in the ‘Professional and Premium Subscriptions’, you will get:

Up to ten construction e-learning sessions:

There are over fifty e-learning courses for you to choose from, which cover a wide range of topics. For example, fire, work at height or stress at work.

All courses are approved by the the likes of UKATA (UK Asbestos Training Association), IOSH (Institute of Safety and Health), CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health), RoSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents), and CPD (Continuing Professional Development Certification).

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H&S Services UK

Who Are JHS Health and Safety?

You can read about the business and more if you look under the main menu heading ‘Info’. I hope you come across things that you find of value or interest. This includes details about construction health and safety, and health and safety at work. At the bottom of the same dropdown menu there is a page with links to JHS terms and conditions, plus cookie/privacy policies. Please contact JHS Health and Safety if you have anything that you would like to discuss.

Work as a Team to Help Improve Health and Safety at Work:

Scaffolding Health and Safety Services

The root cause of an accident is often because of a management failing and poor means to control risk; therefore, to help keep us safe, UK law can require businesses to engage with competent health and safety advice. This is exactly what JHS Health and Safety provide as health and safety advisors.

What does this really mean? One way to manage health and safety is in a cycle of: Plan, Do, Check and Act. The system does not need to be complex, but it must be suitable and enough to protect people against harm from significant hazards. As health and Safety advisors we can help if you are not qualified to manage your health and safety. By subscribing, you would comply to the law and get knowledge and handy web tools to make your journey easier. I will work with you to develop your policies. I will offer advice, guidance and means to help you identify hazards, to assess and control their risk.

Health and Safety consultants for the building industry.

Affordable Health & Safety Advisors to Help You Control Risk:

Risk control does not have to cost the earth or take a long time to setup; in fact, with the right support it can be surprising what you can achieve. My business includes this essential support and helpful time-saving web tools. The features in my services are only those that you need – this means you avoid paying for other resources that you will never use. They will allow you to properly manage your building or scaffolding health and safety work; for example, by using my web tools you can carry out health and safety tasks from just one website. I love to see firms benefit from these.

It is vital to use sensible and proportionate risk control measures on your jobs. My business has the services to help you to manage your health and safety at work; in addition to competent health and safety advice, you can get access to other useful management tools. Here is the best bit: I like to keep my health and safety work affordable; therefore, for the benefit of the many smaller-size firms that I work with, my services are at low cost. This will not affect the quality of JHS Health and Safety services, as you will get everything that you should need.

Your Privacy is Important:

I do take your privacy seriously: JHS Health and Safety will handle and store personal data in a safe and secure way. Now and again, or if there is a change in law, I will arrange to check my policies for their accuracy. I will amend these as needed to keep my business in line with its legal duty to comply with GDPR. Please get in contact if there is anything you are unsure about. I want my business to be clear about its terms, conditions and cookie/privacy policies; therefore, I will be only too glad to help you.

My Client Care:

From time to time I will contact my clients. This is to check if they need any help in their health and safety work; it is important to keep their systems up to date and legal. I also welcome any feedback that people may have for me. What’s more, I hope to answer any phone calls straight away. Sometimes, such as when there is bad signal, an adviser may not be able to help straight away. If that happens please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can; or you may prefer to send an email.

When you contact JHS Health and Safety someone will make sure your matter is dealt with in a timely way (I will make sure people securely handle your personal data). Sometimes things may take a bit longer to sort out. You will always be told why there is a delay, so please be patient. The final point for your peace of mind is that the business has professional indemnity insurance.

Health and Safety Advisors

Thank You for Your Visit.

If you would like to know more about our health and safety advisors and advisory services, you are welcome to call or email.  I hope you were able to enjoy the wealth of information on my website and found something of use.  I invite you to work with my business at any time.  You can enjoy making savings without a compromise on the standard of health and safety support.  If you would like to keep in touch, please sign-up on this website to get my news and offers.  I would be grateful please if you could like and share this page on social media. Many thanks Joe.

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