Retained Health and Safety Services

For Expert Health and Safety Help.

Retained Health and Safety Services
Retained Health and Safety Services

“Welcome, to JHS Health & Safety Consultants, Retained Health and Safety and Competent Person Services.” Joe Endacott (DipNEBOSH), Owner and Consultant.

Summary of Retained Health and Safety Services.

Although there is more detail later on this page, here is a summary of my JHS Health and Safety Consultants retained health and safety services:

– You will retain the service of a consultant to act as your competent person with, scope to get unlimited health and safety advice;
– JHS will attune a health and safety policy to suit your firm’s work;
– There is a lot of complimentary online, health and safety guidance, which includes detail on Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) and risk assessments;
– You will have access to easy to use forms;
– Plus you can create and store risk assessments by using the JHS, webtool;
– You can then follow up your risk assessments by using an easy to use construction plan and methods, webtool. This will help you to plan work on site, then;
– Review how you manage health and safety at work, by using the health and safety review, webtool.

JHS Health & Safety Annual Subscriptions
JHS Health & Safety Annual Subscriptions

Great Value Subscription Options.

JHS Health and Safety Consultants have two retained services for you to choose from:
1. ‘Premium Subscriber’, for £400.00 plus VAT, per year, the ‘all-in’ retained health and safety service, or;
2. For £75.00 plus VAT, per year, access to use the online, risk assessment tool and the method/construction plan tool.

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Introduction to The Benefit of Retaining JHS Health and Safety Consultants.

In general, when employers manage their health and safety well, their workers are usually quite happy, too. It seems then that firms who subscribe to JHS Health and Safety Consultants will just as likely benefit. This simple service can, and really will help you to get to grips with your health and safety at work. It will include webtools and easy to complete forms, which are handy to help you manage your jobs.

My business, JHS Health and Safety Consultants offers retained health and safety services to clients in England, Wales and Scotland. I will ensure you get advice from expert health and safety consultants. At the very least, you will always get access to my first-hand construction and building, and scaffolding experience. I will ensure you get a good deal. My business will deliver services that help you to meet your legal duties. I can help your firm to qualify for work too.  Such as giving you a hand to comply with your SSIP needs. If you decide to work with my business, my aim is to be there when needed. You never know how urgently help may be needed.

I develop my services in a way to keep your costs fair and reasonable; which is why my services are lean, and so have no costly or needless aspects. I like to keep you happy too, so please let me know about ways my business might improve. It is my promise that I will always consider your views, and where feasible, act.

Retain Health and Safety
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Subscribe to The ‘All-in’, ‘Premium Subscription’, and You Will Get:

A health and safety policy:

A consultant will talk to you about your business and will then attune a health and safety policy to suit. A PDF of the policy will be sent for you to approve before delivery of the final bound version. Policy updates will be sent out after an annual review and they will reflect any changes to your business, or the law. (This, of course, is for as long as you renew your subscription). You are welcome to buy duplicate copies of your health and safety policy for just £35.00 plus VAT. Additional update pages will cost just £15.00 plus VAT, for each set. However, this cost will be £125.00 plus VAT, if there is any need to make it suit other business aspects. (All prices will include the cost of P&P).

Competent, unlimited health and safety advice:

The best bit is that it is unlimited advice. (However, there might be a charge for traveling time and or accommodation, should you call us to site. There may also be a charge if you ask us to prepare a report or complete a form, etc.)

A webtool to create risk assessments:

The risk assessment webtool comes with detail on preset hazards and risk controls. From these use the data, as you choose, to create and keep many risk assessments. All you need to do is, delete or edit text to suit your job, i.e. more or less detail, as you feel fit. If you wish, the webtool has a blank template to use. You can make your assessments general, or site specific to best suit, laws on assessing risk. The webtool will help you to save time; it is easy to clone and save assessments with a unique identity too. Once complete, just save as a PDF file and email or print.

A webtool to create your job’s construction health and safety plans and methods:

It has many preset options, already checked, but it is easy to edit too. You can add information to suit your job and to make the data site specific.

Health and safety guidance:

You will have online, access to a large quantity of health and safety guidance pages.

A webtool for you to carry out health and safety reviews:

Once in a while, it is wise to review how you manage your health and safety at work.

Site rules:

There are pages of site rules, which you may like to utilise and or adapt to your sites.