Human Resource (HR) Services

HR Services

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HR and Employment Law can be complex and burdensome. Do you need help to find your way through the woods? The platform will provide SME organisations with all the day-to-day HR information and documentation they may need. It will enable you to be compliant with HR and employment law and to build a solid HR foundation. It will help you to protect the business whilst also being an even better employer.

The JHS HR Services run at discounted cost: These are £19.99 per month, (just 66p per day, or £199 per annum, (55p per day). VAT is payable on both, and they run for a minimum 12-month contract. This discount will be exclusive to JHS Health and Safety Consultants Ltd clients.

The HR services will include access to guidance and at least 250 templates covering all day-to-day HR. You can use it to put in place contracts of employment, policies and procedures. Or, perhaps, to do an HR audit and much more. You can download a template, add your logo and make amendments as required.

Check out the HR Categories and the template downloads available to members, here.

If you sign up today you will have web access to lots of valuable HR Services. You will be able to:

  • Carry out an HR Audit and create an action plan for HR.
  • Implement HR policy documents you need and create an employee handbook.
  • Draft and implement contracts of employment for new and existing employees.
  • Draft and implement HR administration systems and processes, (forms, checklists, letters etc.)
  • Implement training, appraisal and performance management processes.
  • Be compliant with GDPR for HR.
  • Keep up to date with your HR and more.

HR Guidance Example

The HR service will give you:

  • All the forms, letters and documents you need to manage HR administration effectively.
  • All the HR policies you may need.
  • Guidance on how to manage disciplinary situations (conduct or performance) and how to avoid these arising in the first place.
  • Guidance on how to manage all of the most common day-to-day HR situations that arise within an SME from. (Absence, holidays, grievances, wellbeing and even redundancies). It will provide you with all the supporting documentation, guidance and templates you may need.


The HR platform is continually updated and additional content added. If there is a change in employment law that requires a template to be updated, we will update the document and let you know. This ensures that you can always remain up to date.

If interested in these essential services, please Get In Touch Today. If you become a member, the online services will provided by Please DO NOT register directly via, as you will not get the JHS discount.

What is your legal responsibility as an employer?

When someone accepts a job offer they have a contract with you as their employer. ACAS state that, “By law (Employment Rights Act 1996), anyone legally classed as an employee or worker has the right to a ‘written statement of employment particulars’. A written statement includes the main terms of someone’s employment, for example pay and working hours. This document is often referred to as the ’employment contract’.”

HR Support:

HR support is not included within the monthly package, but it is available. Sometimes you want to be able to speak to someone. Detailed attached are details of Tracey McCormick. She is an experienced HR consultant at Tracey will talk to you about her charges when you first speak to her.

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If interested and would like to sign up, please Get In Touch Today.