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Hello, my name in Joe and in 2016 I founded JHS Health and Safety Consultants. My vision is to provide my clients with a quality and good value health and safety service. A service that offers good support too.  And what’s more, a service that has no needless aspects. I would like to help make construction sites a safer place.

My key qualification is a NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. In addition, I have a NEBOSH Construction Certificate. Plus, I have an IOSH certificate for Managing Environmental Responsibilities. And I am also qualified as a CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor.

I hope you find the service my business offers to your liking.

Founders Work Experience.

To keep it short, I have over thirty years’ experience in construction work. I can work as a skilled scaffold erector and I carry out building work too. In the past, I also ran a scaffold firm as its director and manager. But now, my focus is my health and safety service. And to help people to manage their health and safety at work.

Why Might an Employer Need a Health and Safety Service?

There are times that by law an employer may need to get some health and safety assistance for their work. I.E. they will need help if they DO NOT have the right competence to manage their work. In other words they need to have the right training and experience, and knowledge too. And what’s more, maybe other qualities as well. So long as they can take the right action to comply with a law or a prohibition.

Employers who have five or more employees must write a health and safety statement. Employers with less than five employees may choose to have a policy to demonstrate their good work practice. The employer’s policy must state their policy on general health and safety at work. The policy must relate to their employees’ health and safety at work. However, a good policy will relate to all parts of their work. It will show how they are serious about health and safety.  It will show how they take steps to protect all people whom their work affects. Employers must update their policy if there type of work changes.

Employers must show how they organise health and safety at work. They must arrange and show how they will carry out their policy. The arrangements should be appropriate to the nature and size of their work. They must follow the arrangements they have in place to carry out their policy too.

Health and Safety Services
Health and Safety Service

So Why Choose JHS Health and Safety Service?

JHS Health and Safety Consultants qualify highly to give you help and have the skills, knowledge and experience in health and safety and scaffolding and building work. JHS has a good value health and safety service. And it is a service that will help save our clients time too.

We all have a duty to comply with the laws on health and safety at work. The aim of JHS Health and Safety Consultants is to look at clients’ duties to meet those laws. JHS builds health and safety services to suit construction work and always like to talk to clients learn about their needs. This is fundamental towards the plans behind building them a great health and safety policy to use. JHS clients policies set out what they do to work in a safe manner. Each year JHS will check client policies to make sure they are up to date.